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    POWER POP PILLS 201 January the 22nd an idea of theyear 2023 albums part1

    POWER POP PILLS 201 January the 22nd
    Power Pop radio show on Radio Dio 89.5fm France
    Every Monday during 90 minutes between 5.30 and 7.00 pm French hour
    AN IDEA OF POWER POP YEAR 2023: best of the albums part 1
    TOMMY KEENE “Tattoo” from The Real underground
    THE WHIFFS “Wanted” from Scratch N ‘ Sniffs
    MAPA “You Have The Rhythm” from Pop Dreams
    TEENAGE FAN CLUB “Back To The Light” from Nothing Last Forever
    THE RALLIES “As Long As” from It Must Be Love
    LOST SHIPS “Taking The Day Off” from Atoms Collide Forever
    THE LUNAR LAUGH “Born Weird” from In The Black
    THOMAS WALSH “A Good Day For Me” from The Rest Is History
    THE SMALL SQUARE “N Main Blues” from Ours And Others
    CMON CMON “Black Holes” from The Crack and The Light
    THE PARLOPHONICS “Heaven Can Wait” from Dying Of The Light
    THE JACK CADES “Chasing You” from Something New”
    FREDERICK JULIUS “Let’s Run away” from Lonely Boy
    CLASS “Behind The Ball” from I’ve got Nothing
    WHITE REAPER “Bozo” from Asking For Ride
    THE EVENING SONS “I Gotta Gurl” from Tracks
    P HUX “Human Again” from as Good As Advertised
    THE YOUNG HASSELHOFFS “Enjoy Your Part” from Dear Departed MIDNIGHT CALLERS “Baby Let Me Be” from Rattled Humming Heart
    CITY KIDS “Movin On For Love” from Leader Of The World
    THE TEARAWAYS “No Love Lost” from And For Our Next Trick
    THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS “Firework On The Falling Snow” from Continue As a Guest
    BRAD MARINO “Lucy” from Grin And Bear It
    GYLLENE TIDER “Chans” from Hux Flux
    SEMISONIC “So Amazed” from Little Bit Of Sun
    THE STRUTS “I Won’t Run” from Pretty Vicious
    THE FLASHCUBES “Get The Message” from Pop Masters
    THE DECIBELS “In Rememberance” from When Red Lights Flash
    THE WHIFFS “Shot Thru” from Scratch N Sniffs

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