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    POWER POP PILLS 206 February the 26th

    POWER POP PILLS 206 February the 26th
    Power Pop radio show on Radio Dio 89.5 fm Saint Etienne France
    Every Monday during 90 minutes between 5.30 and 7.00 pm French hour
    TOMMY KEENE “Tattoo” from The Real Undergound
    ERIK VOEKS & THE GHOSTERS “The Most Confusing Part” from It Means Nothing Now
    SPLIT SYSTEM “The Drain” Volume 2
    THE PRIZE “One Day At a Time” from single bargain bin records
    THE UNKNOWNS “Crying” from East Coast Low
    DION LUNADON “Nikki” from Systems Edge
    SYD BARRETT “Effervescing Elefant” take 2 from Crazy Diamond Boxset
    THE ODDS “Nails And Knives” from Foolish Men
    STEPHEN’s RUIN “Tonight” from Somewhere Else
    SMART ALEC “Scooter Boys” from Kids On The Street
    RICHARD AND THE TAXMEN “Now We’re Trough” from single 1980
    THE BIZARROS “Quiana Girls” from Blank Generation Boxset
    ERIK VOEKS & THE GHOSTERS “It Means Nothing now” from It Means Nothing Now
    BUZZ ZEEMER “Sometimes” from Lost And Found
    PAUL WESTERBERG “Love Untold” from Eventually
    NICK WHEELDON AND THE LIVING PAINTINGS “Routine Prisoner” from Waiting For The Piano To Fall
    ALEX CHILTON “Rock Hard” from Like Flies On Sherbert
    PLEASURES “This Love And Me” from Shake That Tree
    KID PHARAON “Travels” from Hands
    LONESOME DOG ARKESTRA “the Shortest Path” from Game On! Advance cd
    ERIK VOEKS & THE GHOSTERS “Everything Dissolves” from It Means Nothing Now

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