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    POWER POP PILLS 202 January the 29th

    POWER POP PILLS 202 January the 29th
    Power Pop Radio show on Radio Dio 89.5 fm Saint Etienne France
    Every Monday during 90 minutes between 5.30 and 7.00 pm french hour
    AN IDEA OF POWER POP IN 2023: A retrospective of the albums of the year part 2
    TOMMY KEENE “Tattoo” from The Real Underground
    MC FLY “Where Did All The Guitars Go?” from Power To Play
    MARVELOUS 3 “She Sheila” from IV
    CLIFF HILLIS “Just Drive” from Be The Now
    MOVIE MOVIE “Only Time Will Tell” from Stereotypes
    HURRY “Beggin For You” from Don’t Look Back
    EYELIDS “Colossal Waste Of Light” from A Colossal Waste Of Light
    TINY MICROPHONE “Stranger” from Other Cities
    JULIANA HATFIELD “Ordinary Dream” from Sing ELO
    TAMAR BERK “If I Could Fix One Thing” from Tiny Injuries
    LONE WOLF “Ready To Break” from HazeWave
    THE LOCAL DRAGS “Feeling In Strereo” from Mess Of Everything
    ELEPHONIC “Wonderin’” from Elephonic
    RYAN HAMILTON “Paper Planes” from Haunted By The Holy Ghost
    JANNE BORGH FANCLUB “Too Many Mistakes” from s/t
    RICH RAGANY “What We Do To Not Let Go” from What We Do To Not Let Go
    DUNCAN REID AND BIG HEADS “Just Try To Be Kind” from And it’s Goodbye for Him
    RYAN ALLEN “Wrong Place Wrong Time” from The Last Rock Band
    KURT BAKER “Anchors Up” from Rock N Roll Club
    THE CHURCH “I think I Knew” from The Hypnogogue
    RVG “Midnight Sun” from Brain Worms
    THE SUMMERTIMES “My Beautiful Girl Harbor” from The Summertimes
    MEYERMAN “Happy To See You” from Happy To See You
    SOMERDALE “Taking You Back” from Let’s Get Started
    LES LULLIES “Zero Ambition” from Mauvaise Foi
    UNIBOYS “Down To The City” from Buy This Now!
    IAN KAY “Tears Never Fade Away” from Walk That Road again
    GEOFF PALMER “Like A Dove” from An Otherwise Negative Situation
    NO TEARS “On 45” from Heart Shapped Eye

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