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    POWER POP PILLS May the 6th

    POWER POP PILLS 216 May the 6th
    Power Pop radio show on Radio Dio Saint Etienne 89.5 fm France
    Every Monday during 90 minutes between 5.30 and 7.00 pm french hour
    TOMMY KEENE “Tattoo” from The Real Underground
    JANNE BORGH FANCLUB “Wapping Wall” from Byronesque
    THE MODERNS “The Year Of Today” from Gotta Have Pop
    THE REFLECTORS “Losing My Mind” from Going Out Of Fashion
    THE IMAGES “Feeling Tonight” from single Thought Patterns
    TELEPHONE LOVERS “Real Action” from single 2018
    THE LONG RYDERS “Join My Gang” from Cherry Red Boxset
    THE LONG RYDERS “Ivory Tower” demo version from Cherry Red Boxset
    EXTRA ARMS “Everything Disappear” from Radar
    THE BLACKBURNS “Hooks” from The Blackburns
    JANNE BORGH FANCLUB “Low Tide And Grey Skies” from Byronesque
    ROBIN TAYLOR ZANDER “In Front Of me” from The Distance
    THE CHURCH “Realm Of Minor Angels” from Eros Zeta And Perfumed Guitars
    VICTORIA “Rushing Bull” from Treats
    JAMES BAKER “Green Bag” from Born To Rock
    JAMES BAKER EXPERIENCE “Born To Be Punched” from single 1985
    THE VICTIMS “Television Addict” from single
    JANNE BORGH FANCLUB “Fall From Grace” from Byronesque
    PAUL WESTERBERG “No Place For You” from Stereo
    THE REPLACEMENTS “Can’t Hardly Wait” from Live At The Cabaret Metro 1986
    YOUNG FRANCIS HI FI “Baby You’re Braindead” from The Young Generation
    DOGS “Anita” from Rehearsals
    EARTHQUAKE “Look Out Your Window” from Earthquake
    JOHNNY THUNDERS “Pipeline” from So Alone

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