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    POWER POP PILLS 210 March the 25th

    Power Pop radio show on Radio Dio 89.5 fm Saint Etienne France
    Every Monday during 90 minutes between 5.30 and 7.00 pm French hour
    TOMMY KEENE “Tattoo” from The Real Underground
    THE JUDGES “Bad Blues” from Judgement Day
    SPLIT SYSTEM “Hold It” from Volume 2
    DION LUNADON “Diamond Sea” from Systems Edge
    WESLEY FULLER “Back To square One” from All Fuller No Filler
    THE ARMCHAIR ORACLES “Addicted To The Ride” from Nothingeveris
    THE JAMES CLARKE INSTITUTE “Phanthom Girl” from Under The Lampshade
    PAUL COLLINS “You Can’t Go Back” from Stand Back and Take A Good Luck
    THE JUDGES “The House Always Wins” from Judgement Day
    THE STEMS “Sad girl” from At First Sight Violets Are Blue
    POP CRIMES “Do Colours Last” from Gathered Together
    THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN “Jamcod” from Glasgow Eyes
    THE SMIRKS “Angry With Myself” from Harmony In My Head Boxset
    THE HIGH “Box Set Go” from Mojo issue 365 cd
    THE JUDGES “Who’s Your God Today?” from Judgement Day
    THE SECRETS “Love For The Money” from Kansas Music Hall Of Fame cd
    THE RASPBERRIES “Let’s Pretend” from Fresh

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