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  • En ce moment sur RADIO DIO :

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    POWER POP PILLS 214 April the 22nd

    Power Pop radio show on Radio Dio 89.5 fm Saint Etienne France
    Every Monday during 90 minutes between 5.30 and 7.00 pm french hour
    TOMMY KEENE “Tattoo” from The Real Underground
    THE ROCKYTS “I Get High” from Parkwood Manor
    JOHNNY STANEC “Shine On (That’sjust Life)” from A Linear Story
    DOGS “We Are The Dogs”from Rehearsals
    FLATHEAD “She Was magical” from The End Of My World Ep.
    THE KIDS “This Is Rock N Roll” from The Kids
    LES LULLIES “Don’t Look Twice” from Ep 2017
    ALVILDA “Moustique”from Nuits Blanches
    THE WENDY DARLINGS “Be With You” from Lipstick Fire
    THE SPEEDWAYS “In Common With You” from Just a Regular Summer
    BULL “Head Exploder”from Engines Of Honey
    EYELIDS “Masterpiece (Wanna Die)” from No Jigsaw
    THE ROCKYTS “You Were My Love” from Parkwood Manor
    THE BUREAUCRATS “Today And Everyday” from Roi
    BTP FOLDERS “Radio” from New Guitars In Town Boxset
    THE LIBERTY BELL “For What You Lack”from Pushin Too Hard Boxset
    THE LOSIN STREAKS “Cake And Ice Cream Too” from Last House
    THE LOSIN STREAKS “Fine Line” from Sounds Of Violence
    THE LOSIN STREAKS “To Die For” from This Band will Destruct In T Minus
    THE ROCKYTS “You And I” from Parkwood Manor
    VEGAS IN RANDOLPH “The Comeback Kid” from Legs And Luggage

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